Modal verb

Modal 情绪 和 态度 ,+  动词原形

must 必须       mustn’t 禁止

  • We must finish the homework within a week.
  • Air pollution must be taken seriously.

can/could  “能够,可以”

  • The government can solve the problem of water pollution.
  • Tom could walk when he was only one year old.

will/would “愿意/将要”

  • Will you marry me?
  • I will travel abroad with my family.

may/might  “可以,可能”

  • To some extent, expressions may influence emotions.
  • Such bodily reaction might help moderate the work stress.

Should “应该”

  • Students should work hard to pass the exams.
  • Those sick people should seek help from doctors.


  • The details may be unknowable.
  • Such searches must take years.


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