My and gold week

My and gold week

      To day is a weekand ,I want go to the trip .go to the where?let’s go for the Thailand. to day is Saturday. Morning I get up the bed,Is warm to day ,However i bring the umbrella,because I’m scared have rain.

      I sit the subway go to the airport,get on the airplane ,go to the Thailand ,It’s starting my gold week trip.I from china go to the Thailand have three hour. get off the airplane,I step on the Thailand soil,I feel I’m happy to be here.

     Midday I come to the beach,look at have the dog running on the beach,and look at the pretty girl in the ocean the swimming.I’m very happy,I Borrow a motor boat,I put the motor boat in the ocean.I sit the motor boat go to the beach a bar, I go insed,sit down at the bar,I order some bottle of beer.then Take the beer from the counter.

     Afternoon I go to the sopping mall look at a dog begging , I point at the dog,Laugh at the dog begging,then night I go back the hotel.the next day I’m go back my country.this is very happy and gold week.


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  1. Chris Lonsdale says:

    Nicely done! Remember, after a . you need to start the next sentence with a Capital letter.

    Also, names of countries e.g. China start with a Capital letter.

    Really great progress. Nice to see!!


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