My Chapter 1 Essay

It’s really easy to learn a new language-if you know how


Before I met KongFu English,mastering and being fluent in English was really difficult for me,simply like most of Chinese students who are learning the English language.I worked solid for decades and even then only can read some simple articles.I was not able to communicate in English,and my English level just liked a 2-year-old baby.Learning English had been a difficult process for me.But it didn’t have to be that way.It certainly didn’t match experience of many other people who have learned a new language easily and effectively.Actually,any language can be mastered very quickly by anyone in just a few months, even though the language is pretty different from our own. Maybe when you see this view, you’ll say ‘it is not possible’ After all,it seems that evidence around us has proved that a few talented people can master a second language easily and quickly. But this isn’t normal. Most of us don’t have this talent. However, today I want to tell you about the things that you can do to learn a new language faster and more easily than yot ever thought possible.


Firstly,Im intended to say somethings about the reasons to learn a foreign language.

Many people in the world today struggling with or failing to master another language have accept the myth that a new language is difficult to learn.They even thought that they don’t have the talent for it,or that it’s been proven that adults can’t learn a foreign language very easily,or’they speak my language,so why should I bother?’There are many reasons for learning a new language.For one thing,it’s fun.And when you really get into it, you might find that it can expand your world. You get to see the world from angles that you would never thought of before.Of course, there are many practical reasons too.Consider for a moment that many of the problems that we have to deal with in today’s world are caused by poor communication. You’ve probably heard the old joke about the British and Americans being seperated by a common language. Even thoes of us who speak the same tongue have problems communicating.And to get things done between countries,companies,aross cultures and between people who speak different languages it’s important-even critical-to master other people’s language.Even if they speak yours.Because only then can you understand why they say what they say.


Secondly.challenging the myth that it is hard to learn second language.

You are a language genius,anyway you have to be,if you mastered your mother tongue.Remember you came into the world with no words and no grammar.You had nothing to hook on to and somehow you still became fluent. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be difficult to learn any new language.You can do it in a much shorter time,to a much higher level, than you could ever imagine possible.I know this to be ture,because I have seen others do it.One of them is the author of The Third Ear who was only average at learning English,relatively slow to understand the written word,and had quite difficulty with grammar was able to master the structure and functions of the French language in just a few weeks.He was in the position where he could grow the languange naturally like we do with our mother tongue. After that,he learned Mandarin and Cantonese that are perceived as amongst the hardest to learn.Another example is about Tennis coach Tim Galway,who wrote the book The Inner Game,was able to take a 55-year-old woman who was very over weight, and in 20 minutes teach her to play tennis.The process was captured on film as a record of what is possible for people when they do things with appropriate methods.


Thirdly,the appropriate methods to learn another language.

First of all, the way in which you are exposed to a second language has a major impact.Secondly, the way you choose to think about a new language has important consequences.What is commonly called ‘talent’ is actually the specific mental,emotional,physical,and practical strategies and techniques that you use to approach a certain task. What is really exciting is that you can learn the strategies and techniques that others use to be successful,in any area.Even in language learning.As you learn the language acquisition strategies and approaches of people who speak more than one language,you too will discover that you can pick up a new language faster than you imagine could be possible. 


To conclude.if you want to learn these methods, then you can read The Third Ear.This book is not intended to be scientific or academic.It’s not intended to sum up all of the language research that has ever been done.It is,rather,practical guide.It’s about simple things that you can do to make your language-learning experience exciting,interesting and successful.In this book, the author share his own observations and insights gleaned from 20-plus years of learning languages and thinking about the process to help you achieve the outcome-learning a new language easily and effectively.

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