My close call

My close call (lesson 368)


actually just last week, i experienced it. sunday is my family day. so i would like to go to countryside to see my grandmother. usually, i would like to do exercise in the gym in the sunday afternoon. but that day, my coach had some personal matters so he didn’t have time in the afternoon. so i got up early in the that sunday morning again. i did exercise in the morning in the gym. then i had done the exercise and ran a half hour. it’s 10 o’clock. it’s too late for going to countryside. because the gym and the grandmother’house are far away. the driving time about one hour. usually, my grandmother ate early, so i and my family were arrived at 10:30 at the least.


because i would probably arrive late.i quickly open the car door then sit in here. i sent the voice message to my grandmother while driving the car fast on the high bridge. just as i put the phone down, the car in front suddenly changed the lane. i was putting my phone so i didn’t see it. when i see that, the car in front of me was already very close. then i quickly looked at arround, no car ! so i aslo changed the lane. what a scary! i almost had a car accident.


in the end, i finally arrived at the countryside at 11 o’clcok, and my family were waiting for me . we had a lunch together.

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