My notebook-5

In the morning ,I have an online class for three hours, The teacher is an native American person, she is tall  and  has curly hair, she is very beautiful!

My classmates are from different counties ,they are be polite and kind ,I like  them.

Today ,we learned  how to use because ,because of.I think is so easy. I finished my homework quickly. After class ,I boiled steamed bun ,I eat four .It stuffed ,I couldn’t eat another  bite. Then I leave home go out and walk. I walk on the sidewalk  and listening to the radio .when I walk to the Northwestern  university ,I saw a squirrel was lie down on the grassland, she would  be die ,I feel very sad ,I put the squirrel under the tree and use pine branch cover her body, I hope she will wake up tomorrow, I can see her every day.



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