My notebook

If someone ask me you seem very  happy , why is that? I will answer  I am so happy because I have met KongFuEnglish.
Today is my fifteen days to learn KungFuEnglish.I like  KungFuEnglish very much. It seems parents take your hands from a baby to step by step ,slowly…slowly to grows up a teenager . so,I feel too happy! Aren’t you ?

Every day I study KungFuEnglish for five or six the morning ,First I pronunce with facefonics for ten minutes,Then study two new lessons.My favorite  lessons are“L2B身心法”and“看图变音”.when I cooking ,I can  turn on my ipad to listen to the KungFuEnglish radio. After lunch ,I usually review two the evening ,I  often practice convocations.when I going to sleep I can do “复习冥想”. how a full day!

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