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My Story(2)

  After graduation from school,I went to work.Because I majored in civil work at school,I become an engineer. 

  My first job was to build the railway named Yu Huai railway between Chong qing city and Huai hua city.I went to a small village named Luoqi near Chong qing.My work is to survey.They told me it is the basic of civil work.Everyday I went to the cite far away from our office by car.I feel ill on the way and I will vomit when I arrived the cite.I went up to the top of the hill with the surveying instrument on my back.It is very heavy.The hills there were almost the same and I lost my way many times.As you konw,the weather is very hot in Chongqing and the work is very hard.Sometimes we looked for the house in the hills and ask for a meal.We had no place to have a lunchbreak and I often found a big stone to lie down falling asleep.We had two tables in our ding hall,one is for the leaders and the other is for us.We had enough rice but the food in the dishes was often not enough.So I alway ate a little at the table and went out to a small reataurant eating again.

  The life lasted for about one year. 

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