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My Story(3)

  At the last days in Chongqing city.I was sent to a place near railway tunnel as an assistant to help the engineer in charge of the tunnel.We lived in a farmer’s house and the food was worse.We often ate three kinds of food :potato cabbage and eggplant.The farmer’s food was better than us.We had no tap water.The water we used was from up the mountain.The farmer made a pool to hold and clean the water.In the winter,there was a vat in the middle of the yard and we used the water in it.Everyday before I brushed my tooth or washed my face I would break the ice on the water of the vat.It was a difficult days.

  Because I was a freshman about railway tunnel,I can not help a lot.So the engineer was often worried about me.That days were very difficult for me.


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