My thoughts about The Third Ear-随手写

My thoughts about is it true that only children can learn a second language easily?No way!I don’t believe it,I don’t want believe it.This something I don’t believe it forever.Why?However I can’t seen of some evidence around us.But author been and other been proven adults can learn a new language very easily.Because I am small county to of live.Didn’t seen some people of successful learning a new language.But I can watching some people of successful mastered a new language on internet.

   Just other a day. I has a man mastered a foreign language-English on the internet.He is just 40 old.He has can communicating in English with foreigners in the park of his city.So I believe it is true .Just like author said if your method of learning is correct you can learn any language at any time.Age is no barrier!Have a sentence:if you want learn,when is no late.

   My own experience of learning English in a traditional foreign language classroom. I was13old.when I learning foreign language of English.My grading of English always last in my classroom.Teacher always didn’t ask for me. I had learning history on the English class.once teacher found for me and tear up my history book.At that time I had taken offence for the teacher.Something inside me said:’I didn’t learning of English since.’ you ask me why  learning of English at that time.I don’t remember words in English every day.Because I always forgot them.That time we founded a community of don’t learning of English.Now look  It’s true ajoke!

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