Oral Pacticing Session

Relatives 亲戚

 1. what do you call your sisiter’s son and daughter?

 my sister’s son is called nephew and her daugther is called niece

2. please write down the relationships in relatives as much as you can 

grandfather father’s father or mother’s father

grandmother father;s mother or mother’s mother

great grandparents grandparents’ parents

uncle father or mother’s brother

aunt father or mother’s sister

father in law husband’s father or wife’s mother

mother in law husband’s mother or wife’s mother 

borther in law wife’s brother or husband’s borther

sister in law  wife’s sister or husband’s sister

cousin  uncle or aunt’s children

stepfather or stepmother

the person  who gets married to your mother or father

a half brother

a person who has the same  father or mother with you 

brother without blood relatives

he’s the son before my stepmother got married to my father and i don’t have any blood relations with him

how complicated is it?

however the answer is no !!

each item of above conents has a seperted name in Chinese ,that’s really complicated beyond your mind

broom && dustpan

I cleaned my house with a broom last night,however I couldn’t find the dustpan,

it sounds like a husband lost his wife when he worked a lot



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