My Story connect with The third ear


So ,last time , actually not super long ,one night. I got a dream ; I dream a story connect with real story ,I met a person called Emily,  she left alredy and move to Canada .

   She is beautiful , and kindness , so clever ,she is not a coversation person but a action person. For me she is perfect for anything ,oh I did not mention she also got amazing grade score all subject is A + She is a great singner ,Dancer, swimmer she know a lot of things you can ask her anything , the true is she just say I dont like to talk to you with ramdom stuff..In the dream, I sent her email which is not true ,school alredy blog person , If the person leave.  but she said too me in my dream Dean you did great Job , I care about you and anything will be ok , and I cry at the dream ,  and the true is she swim is super fast ,If she swim with Mike Phiepus ,She has a big chance can fast than him ,Iam seriously . 

   The time what I met her is when I grade 9 ,she was grade, and the funny thing is what I can met her because I was join the recycle club ,In the end of year we will go to the school beside which mean is quiet poor and play activity with them.on that time, the teacher just notic us and said who want to go to sugai malayu goverment school , teacher professor gave us the sign up paper and I sign . So I went and when I went there before I go in to the van , no one people is the high school student only me with the elementry studemt ,we used two van , first van are fit in alredy , so I went to the second van . but sencond one has small seat . but one student put the all stuff on the seat and I just like a gandaofu from lord of the ring but no magic.  so before I sit in , the elementry teacher luckly I  know the teacher . She said to her : Emily can you move the stuff that Dean to sit in .I amvery bone head and steel to go in there everyone look at me as a disability person.  I just said sorry, she look at me , hummmm ,turn the head talk to her friend, and I said sorry again, she didn’t turn the head anymore ,I think to myself, wow that is crazy . 

    When we came back ,I just said you swim like dophin faster than ship , I said I swim like turtle ,before I think she will not said anything ,but she did , she said thank you . She is a brave persom, I never seem before. but also she was famous swimer in our school. 

   Once time I did portry cafe , I sent the email to her : How did I do ? She said I love your pome. the first person use love this voca , Iam shock , that is a great time  in my life , and If you want to see my pome or the other stuff you can go to

website up there and find out .

 All in all I want to said this chapter are talk about how you can make a chance to  learn anything, First I want to say : If you think English are imortance or significans to you ,I think you will get a chance to learn it . being coversation are very importance ,you can make a good enviroment at house , and listen and make a speech with your self, learning English must no easy to everyone is normal , China is hard t0 havethat enviromental similation but this is no a excuse to stop to learn English ,COME ON. 

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