Playin in the park

A boy named Tom is going to play in the park . It’s autumn . The leaves turn to yellow and fall to the ground . Tom puts on his favorite jacket and walks to the park with his mother  . As soon as Tom comes to the park . He runs aross the grass . He is so happy . He looks here ,he looks there , He looks everywhere . There are a lot of trees in the park . and Tom wants to climb up the trees . He gets up on one of big trees . but he can’t get down . and his mom doesn’t want to help him . He is going to cry  .and he begs his mother to help him get down the big trees . and he promise  he won’t climb up the trees again . He smiles when his mother helps him get down the tree . 

  Tom stands in the middle of the grass . He sees some leaves falling down from trees and he holds out his hands and reaches for the leaves . He gets a variety of  leaves which haves different shape . He put them in his pocket . He wants to take them home and plays with them ,and show them to his good friends . 

He has a lot of fun . He wants to come with his friends next time . 

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