Politely to others and smile to others are the best way to make friends

In the past two months, I use voice typewriting to write my diary. When I want to say something, I speak to microphone, the voice typewriting will help me type words.  So my spoken English has been improved a lot. In the past, I had learned lots of vocabulary,  I can remember the vocabulary pronunciation, but it’s not easy to spell them for me. This result is acceptable. Why is that? In my opinion, I’m still a English new learner, I can’t do all the things well. There are 24 hours for everyone, if you spend time in this section, you have not much time in that section.

All of us needs to know what we want. At this time, I want to improve my spoken English, I Spend lots of time to find and connect with others language partners, it’s worth.

Make a conversation with others in English is really funny, some unforgettable things happened on me. At the first, I just can speak a little English, someone talk to me, although I can understand what they say, I don’t know how to respond to them, so I felt embarrassment. Trying some times later,  I find lots of peoples are friendly and kindness. They don’t laugh at me, they encourage me to speak, When I really don’t know how to say, I use my gestures and face express. When they understand, they will tell me how to say that. Now I have throw embarrassment away from my mind. 

Politely to others and smile to others are the best way to make friends. Sometimes you will find others don’t interested in your talks, you can Prepare some interesting things happened recently. These things really help you to connect with others.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Thank you for sharing. Your approaches to dealing with the communication process are very good. I’m am very happy to hear that you have discovered that other people are mostly friends and kind. This discovery is very important. Mostly, people will encourage you and support you to speak.

    Throwing embarrassment from your mind is a big step! Well done!