Pronounce the correct pronunciation is very important

Pronounce the correct pronunciation is very important. I often find some of new English learners, they don’t notice the pronunciation, In other word, they don’t care about pronunciation.

In my opinion, it’s a bad habit. Because something happens on me. When I just begin to learn English, Some long words, although my pronunciation is not too much different from the native speakers, the pronunciation is really wrong. But it didn’t attract my attention, so when I heard the words many times, I still feel strange to say it, and not fluent. It’s a confused thing to me. Recently I realize the reason, I lost some parts of the word.

For example the word “Specific”, the correct pronunciation is “Spe-cif-ic”, I always pronounce “Spe-f-ic”, lost the “ci”.

Another example, the word “Immediately”, the correct pronunciation is “im-me-di-ate-ly”, I lose the “a” pronunciation.

What is the reason? Native speakers speak something quickly, you can’t grab 100% what they are Pronunciation. when something you didn’t hear clearly, your brain will throw them away.  Even you have heard them 100 times, you still can’t pronounce well.

Is there anything can help you to master the difficult pronunciation? I have a suggestion, you can use the dictionary application.  The dictionary can tell you how to split the word and teach you pronunciation. It does not only apply difficult pronunciation but also apply any pronunciation that is let you confused. Use the dictionary application to help you find the difference between you and native speakers.

Believe your ear and your mouth. When you say something, if you feel strange, you need to pay attention. The earlier you correct them the better you will be.