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Make up sentences. - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

Quote & Make up sentences.


  • We should be lifting each other up and cheering each other on, not trying to outshine one another. The sky would be awfully dark with just one star.
  • Sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want, not because you don’t deserve it, but because you deserve more.



  • Do you have these file access?


  • We have finished today’s job. In addition, we will discuss the following works.
  • A simple addition(+) is not hard for children.


  • Why are you offering yourself additional work?


  • The headmaster is our school agency in this meeting.


  • The trade agreement between America and China is not an easy deal.


  • Apparently, the army didn’t win the war in North Korea.


  • The United Nations appeals to some country respect for human rights.


  • He didn’t approach the door at once.
  • This is a wonderful approach, It can be used to teach children writing.


  • In this Conversation, we have different arguments.


  • Tom’s article about environment pollution was praise by most professors.

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