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Quote & Vocabulary


  • Focus more on the people who inspire you rather than the people who annoy you. you will get much further in life.



  • He ate entirely food.
  • He put entirely egg into his mouth.


  • There is another way to say “communicate with somebody”, It is interaction with somebody.


  • Because of using new machines, this factory is productive.


  • How to comprehend what he is saying?
  • I did not fully comprehend what had happened.


  • A meeting with some important clients.
  • She is the first client of my bakery.


  • It means a strong wish or hope.
  • I have a strong desire to win this game.
  • A desire for knowledge makes him studied all night.


  • The country’s exclusion from the united nations.
  • The boy’s exclusion from the school.


  • He contributes to this school 1000 books.
  • Stress is a contributing factor in many illness.

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