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n6f, na, g3y, x, ma, rg, r, kc, 功夫英文 – 博客网站 | Quote & Vocabulary - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 Quote & Vocabulary - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

Quote & Vocabulary


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  1. Curve.
    She has curve hair.
    The curve of his figure.
  2. Dilemma.
    I’m in a dilemma about this offer.
    That thing placed me in a dilemma.
  3. Perform.
    The children perform two plays each year.
  4. Cutlery.
    His cutlery is very beautiful.
  5. Prime.
    Insisting is the prime thing.
    This is the prime beef.
  6. Talented.
    She is talented in playing the piano.

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