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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Today, I watched the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, what a wonderful movie, isn’t it? But, to be honest, I fell a little sad, because Vanellope stay in the internet and Ralph back to his game.

Should good friends always be stay together? Or, should parents don’t allow kids to follow their dream?

Absolutely not. Maybe the end is not prefect, but different people have their own different dreams, this is why the world is so colorful and interesting. Of course, Vanellope and Ralph, they are best friends, they have different dreams, Ralph prefer live calmly, Vanellope like challenges. Fortunately, in the end, Ralph know that a real friend should help to find the dream, not just get his friend his own dream.

I really expect Ralph 3, I can’t waiting for it!!!

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  1. Paul Pang says:

    You have a childlike spirit, always upbeat and I enjoy Your writing:) I also wait for this movie: The Queen’s CORGI~
    “Every child is an Artist, the problem is staying an Artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso. Sincere,

    • 熊胤翔 熊胤翔 says:

      Thank you. I do think the animation is not only for children, but also for adults. A good animation need show something positive in our daily life, such as fair, love, honest, etc. Disney did a really good job! This is a reason why people love Disney so much.

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