Read The Third Ear page 9

In the page 9 of The Third Ear,the author shared a story of he attended a seminar in Hong Kong.He met a lady who has learned Chinese for 2years,and she had only the basics.She thought that learn a language is very difficult.The author didn’t agree with this view,because the author’s experience made him believes that human have talent to learn any language easily and readily.So,the author decided to write this book to help people better use their natural talent to learn language.

The view that the author shared in this page in total different with what I thought. Before read this book,my thought was the same with the lady that the new language is difficult to learn,and thought,those people who mastered a new language are genius.But when I read that the author said that we came into the world with no word and no grammar, but we still learned our mother tongue,if we don’t have talent in learning language we wouldn’t master our mother tongue.This words was challenged my old view,it made me thinking that maybe the view that I have in learning language was incorrect.Now,I deeply believe that human do have talent to learn language,and the key is how to develop it.

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