Reasons to Bother – 1

l have done learned “Reasons to Bother – 1” l spend a whole week to finished it ,   l see! it’s time reviewed it , forty six new words the whole lesson for me , l never know it before , but sentence ! oh l guess , l doesn’t remember clearly , (actually it’s too much) l can’t remember sentence all of the class (of course contain new words) , but l still got some new things of i ,  perhaps l got it or got some one half maybe absolute not , l don’t know , l have do my best , 

OK right now let’s talk about the “Reasons to Bother” what hell are talk about ? 

why you mast learning a new language ? firs question:  To someone for one thing it’s fun or simple interesting it , but author said : “that expend your world , and you can see the world from angels that you world never have thought of before” , yeah that’s right l agree , we actually can see the world from angels that never have thought of before , if you are learning a new language , l believe you already felt it , of course the are practical reasons too , anyway, learning a new language for your job or life is best . 

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