Day 2: Record course

I record 4 videos today, but I can’t upload them to the Kungfu App.


I would like to have a bottle of beer and a glass of water.
I’d like a cup of tea.
With sugar?
Yes, please. With milk and sugar.
Any thing else?
No, thanks.


Hi, my name’s Xiao Wang.
What’s your name?
Hi, I am R.
Where are you from?
I’m from New York.
I’m on holiday, this is my first trip to China.


Sorry, I don’t understand, could you please say it one more time?
How do you write this?
That’s too fast, I can’t stand it.
Triangle, triangle.
My brain hurts, I want to go home.


How are you?
I’m fine, and you?
I’m doing fine, thank you.
You seem very happy, why is that?
I’m happy because I‘ve met you.

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