Sadness and happiness

Now I’m on a train to another city, I drop my laptop’s charge in Office . my laptop can’t turn on, so i use my phone to write this diary. At first , I haven’t find “share your story ” button on phone’s browser. I really want to write diary, so I went to 5 five carriages to borrow charger or laptop . unfortunately,I haven’t Borrowed anyone,I am so sad at that time.why I am so sad ,because I don’t want miss any day to write. Write everyday is very important for me,and it’s a holy tings. I nearly  want to give up, but my heart tell me try again .

so I login blog  on phone,  suddenly I find the “share your story”  button . a big smile appear on my face . This is the feeling ,when you in desert you find water.

Insist on doing something, you will harvest that you can’t imagine result. I always work hard and insist, so my colleague  want me to be they partner .

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Wow, your writing is getting better and better! I am impressed!

    • Alxlgogo说道:

      I’m so glad to hear that . it’s amazing , I don’t know how did i do it , I just follow the kungfu English course rhythm to learning and write a diary everyday.
      Thanks for help , MR Chris .