Some new phrases and sentences

a perspective of  一种观点,一个视觉

  • from the window you can have a a perspective of the whole square .
  • after readed the book you can have a new perspective of the world .

viewpoint 观点 , 看法 ,角度

  • The story is show from the girl’s viewpoint .
  • The comment show the man’s viewpoint .

neither of 

  • neither of them lazy 

you both 

you both know 

there was one to the left 

omitted to mention 没有提到

became somehow obvious  变得莫名其妙的明显

misunderstood  the motives 误解动机 

what was needed for a  solution 需要什么方案来解决问题

subtle language distinctions 微妙的语言差别