Some new phrases

Today i have learned some new phrases ,i will write it down .

  • expand your world .  [ɪkˈspænd]
  • practical reason .   [ˈpræktɪkl] 实际的原因 
  • a US-Chinese joint venture   .   [dʒɔɪnt]   合资企业
  • see the world from angels . 
  • you would have never thought of before 
  • consider for a moment . 考虑一会儿
  • cause by  引起               The damage is cause by rain water .
  • separated by 分开。 The British and American are separated by a common language .
  • conflict  冲突.  [ kənˈflɪkt]      They conflict each other .
  • realise 认识到。 No one seems to realise the magnitude of this problem.
  • a certain time  。 某个时间
  • backing down 。 做出让步。He won’t backing down 
  • in a heated argument . 在激烈的争论中。
  • perspective  [pərˈspektɪv]  观点,态度,角度。 The perspective  of looking the post office . 观看邮局视角 


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