Some people think that goverments should give financal support to creative artists such as painters and musicians. Others believe that creative artists should be funded by alternative sources.

This statement  has two element or concepts to talk about ,they are  government give money to who want to do the aritice support them . The other is the aritice should not have the government support they should find the resources by themself.

    On the one hands , the government support can get them more easies to successsful ,because they not needs to worry about the money ,they can forces on the work and  the creative stuff and will be a great things.

 On the other hands if government don’t give a support alo have good things , because more work more experience .This way needs to harder than the government support .

 In my opinions I am agree with the government support because the things is in our life we can not just do anything by ourself ,we still needs get help, to get support and we have big chance to succeed. 

Success is importance because who want to become a  faiure , you won’t than study hard and try to get support .   


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