Story lesson 148-172

A woman called Vicky always drives to work. One day, she wanted to started the car engine and put up the car window, but she found that she couldn’t make it, so she had to go back home. It was at the midday, so she had to cook lunch. She put the pot on the stove first. And then she cut two small carrots, broke two eggs in a bowl and put them in the frying pan. She fried them for several minutes and took them out of the frying pan with the spatula. Besides Chinese food, she also likes Western food. So she cut some butter with the knife and put them on the bread. She also cooked a bowl of soup with some sugar in it. After she finished the lunch, she sit beside the dinning room table, put a small spoon on the table and a pair of chopsticks beside the dish and ate the food.


After lunch, at about 3 o’clock, she rode her bicycle to pick up her son at his school. Her son wanted to eat watermelon because it was hot outside. They went to a store and knocked on some watermelons to select. They finally bought a small watermelon. After they arrived at home, her son wanted to play games with shapes. They draw many shapes on the paper, including triangle, square, circle. Her son drew a big circle beside the small square and a small triangle in front of a big square.

Her son also likes dancing and singing. He sang the highest musical note and the lowest musical note that day. Vicky was very glad to watch her son dancing and singing and applauded her son for doing so.


Her son is 14 years old this year and he is a very nice boy. But when he was a little boy, he was naughty. He climbed the tallest tree in their community, threw the rock at the lowest window of their house, or stepped on cat or dog along the way, and so on.

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    Nicely written! I like the way you take small elements from L2B and build these into rich and interesting stories.

    A couple of small things:

    1. “After she finished the lunch” — at first I thought you meant “after she finished eating the lunch”. Now I realise, you meant “after she finished cooking the lunch” (or, preparing the lunch).

    2. “they draw many shapes” — better use use “they drew many shapes” (past tense).

    Great work!

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