The white woman stand in front of the black car , then black car behind the red car can’t move.

put the BOOK on the table.

poke out your tongue.

lick the cake.

I really like eat cupcake. but yoghurt is my favorite .

point at the mirror on the wall.

take up the pencil form the chair.

chew the biscuit.

put A grape in your mouth.

get on the car.

get off the bus.

erase the picture of the glass on the floor.

break the bread.

go straight then turn right.

walk to straight and turn left.

brop the cup on the floor.

look at the old man.

smile at the old woman.

look in the mirror.

look yourself in the mirror. wow it’s very pretty.




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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    I love the way you’re using L2B to practice really describing things in your life. Great!