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博客网站 | " the common mistake of English learning " is interesting - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 " the common mistake of English learning " is interesting - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

” the common mistake of English learning ” is interesting

after lunch ,I watch a video ,it’s about the common mistake Chinese people learn English .

number 1 , “big rain ,samll rain “,it’s wrong ,you must say “the heavy rain ,the light rain ” ,this mistake is easy understand .

number 2 ,you can’t say “open /close your phone “, you can say “turn on/off your phone “

number 3  ,if you want to ask your friend a question “how to say xxx” ,you need to say “how do you say XXX” ,I made this mistake.  

number 4,”there have many children  ” , you can say “there are many children there “

number 5 ,”I very like English ” ,you can say “I really like English “

this is grammar mistake , when I writing ,I don’t know how to check the grammar mistake . how I writing ? when I felling something, what I want to write , I write it down ,I don’t care the grammar .why I don’t care the grammar ? because when I think grammar , my thinking is not fluency ,then I don’t know what I will write .

I didn’t worried about grammar , I have learned lesson 65 ,12% of kungfu English course . I just need follow the course rhythm  ,it will be OK . in the new lesson ,it will teach me what is the correct grammar.

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