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n37, l9s, 3, n9w, g0q, i, 功夫英文 – 博客网站 | The English learning way of my mind - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 The English learning way of my mind - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

The English learning way of my mind

Today, I tried to 梳理 the English learning way again. I read the e-mail of before, I listened the learning 辅导 voice of kungfEnglish 精灵. It’s made me more understand the learning way in my mind.

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  1. 王建荣 王建荣 says:


  2. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    Very good. It’s important to understand the learning method as much as possible. Re-reading guidance emails is a very good step to take.

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