the first chapter summary

the first chapter summary
1,it’s really easy to learn a new language – if you know how.
2,learning english is vitally important for success in the today’s world
3,traditional ways of teaching language fail to support people’s natural ability to learn

it’s really easy to learn a new language – if you know how.
in the first chapter, the author actually says a foreign language should be easy for everyone. that is if you know how.
as the author sees, a lot of people in the world has stuggling to a foreign language for a long time. learning a second language is too hard for them. many people have just given up trying to learn these languages. on the contrary, there are many people who have learned at least one foreign language. it’s not fair! is it because they have a so-called learning language talent? in fact, it’s not really. well, you are the language genius anyway, you had a fluent mother tongue,even added another local language so far. the author also underline an old idea that the children learn faster more than the adult. it was too easy toaccept. as mentioned above, so many adults failing to the foreign language learning. but according to the scientific research, under the same conditions, the adult learnt faster the children. why again ? actually, the reason is very simple. the children learned a foreign languge in their daily lives. they would make some new friends, they want to talk about some one with the language. as the rusult, the children will learn the language while playing basketball, learn the language while talking, learn the language while eating lunch, they are always practice and listening. on the other hand, look at the adult, the adult start to learn a second language in the classroom, they learned the words and grammar from the textbook, they learned a new languge without practicing. the biggest problem is lack of the truly comverstations about the new language. without communication, it is impossible to remember deeply. as the author says, sometimes speaking even a few is critical. don’t be afraid of embarrassment. if you say something wrong, the earth won’t explore. no one will even remember ,but you.
in my previous conception, a foreign language learing that means so many of words and grammar. it’s so boring and tedious. and it had little effect. it still doesn’t seem to be fluent to say something what want to say in a foreign language. for me ,it’s not a good deal. so i almost accepted the fact that i could not learn well. but in my heart, a tiny voice is keeping taking, i still want to learn the languge( any language) as well as the locals. so the opinion that you can learn a new language easily and effctively gave me a lot of confidence first of all. do any thing, you must have the belief, you would not lost in the halfway. a lot of things completely different from doing things with faith or not having faith. next, the most important thing is the scientific method. it’s easy for people to get depressed when they are learning. especially when they don’t see the results,it’s easy to give up. so a good method to help people to see the results and strengthen the confidence. and the method of learning is different from the ordinary classroom teaching. it’s fun and engaging. a goog method is that students can control the progress towards learning. i think that the method by the author can be a good reference.
all in all,be patient, be confient, and you may fine you can learned the second languge.

learning english is vitally important for success in the today’s world
as the author says, learning a new language ,you might find that it can expand your world, and avoid ghost conflict as soon as possible. english is the most widely spoken language. learning english is not just expanding the world, but also to better live and work.the world is a global world today. for me,learning english is even more urgent. i want to work and live in an english-speaking country next year.i used to think that my english only be like this– speaking more slowly and not fluent, i felt very depressed for the english learning. but i still don’t want to concede! so i strat learning english again with kfe.

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