the first sharing

    It’s the first time I write something here. originally  I have no idea what to say. but suddenly a idea came to my mind. I believe when it comes to English learning I shall have something to say.

   It’s the third month since I started to learn Kungfu English . I did make some progress from the method provided on it. Yeah, almost every one learning a new language knows that practice is the most important part, but the problem is how? how to practice in day to day life, particularly if you don’t have any chance to go abroad just like me? There actually is a way to make it. Follow me!

  Of course the very first thing you have to do every morning is opening your eyes. so just like me, tell yourself ” hey lazy guy, it’s time to open your eye! get up, put on your clothes, wash your face, and then shave your face. Or you will be late!” And then what? I squeeze the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and then brush my teeth while I am talking about these things to my self. And also of course you can “sit on the toilet”, “look yourself in the mirror”, “put the toothbrush on the washbasin”, and “pick up the glasses on the table”. All these things you can do can be spoken out of your own mouth.

   So whenever it is and wherever you are you always have someone talk with you in English . That’s it! that’s the feeling just like  we are learning our mother tongue !

  Naturally  I got the conclusion that you as well as me can certainly learn English well since we have learned our mother tongue. I have got the confidence about that. how about you?

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