The first time ,I want to chat with the guy who is live in my brain

it’s a cool day ,it’s cool enough that I need not turn on the air conditioner.this evening , I ate a big bowl of noodle with toufu , it’s very delicious . we need control our foods , don’t eat too much meat ,it’s bad for your health .if you want get a good health , eat fruits and vegetables is the right way .

after supper , I spend 2 hours to learn kungfu English . suddenly I want to say something ,this is my first time I want to say . two guys appear in my brain , they want to chat  .what are they talking about ?

A:”what do you want to eat ?”

B:”I don’t want have anything ,I am full “

A:”do you want a bottle of tea ?”

B:”yes ,but we haven’t any tea ,isn’t it ? lets buy some cola”

A:”I don’t want to  drink it , Apple juice is better  “

B:”which one do you like ,hot one or cool one “

A:”the cool one . oh my god! I lose my wallet,have you seeing it ?  “

B:”a black wallet ?this afternoon ,there is a black and shining wallet on the table “

A:”it’s mine .thanks goodness , let go to find it “

B:”OK ,let’s go “

this feeling is so good , it’s prove my progress .