The history of “mi fen”

Today is Sunday,The weather is cloudy but not raining.I am on a business trip at a new city,I’m lonely, so I decide to go somewhere.

I used search engines to search Some interesting place.There is a plant park near my hotel,It’s about 20 minutes walk.I think that is a good place,At the park,I can both relax myself and learn English.

The park has lots of plants and flowers,and also has a big pond in the center of the park.Lots of golden fishes in the water.

A museum besides the pond.This museum is exhibition a local food ,nameed “mi fen”,It made of rice.

There is a history about this food,In the qin dynasty,qin shi huang Want to take back part of The lost homeland.He take armies to fight against another country.His soldier live in North,His enemy in the south.His soldier didn’t like the south food,so he ordered cooks Invention some convenient foods.

At last these cookers Invention this new food.It looks like noodles but made of rice.It’s very easy to cooked,Put the food in the boiling water 3 to 5 minutes,It will can be eaten.

In the museum , there are many different types of the food , It’s not real food  , made of plastic and pigment.  They looks like very real and delicious , so i took many photos of them and this evening i will  eat “mi fen” .