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English listening approach if we cannot sink in real English environment - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 The practical English listening approach if we cannot sink in real English environment - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

The practical English listening approach if we cannot sink in real English environment

Compare to Mandarin I learned, besides the difference in leaning process, a huge difference is the exposure degree to these two languages. In school, I listen and talk in Mandarin over 8 hours a day, while for English, truly speaking, it may be only half hour a day in reading English text book, one way communication. Lacking practice is a key defect from improving listening and speaking ability. So, if we want to overcome the shortage, what we can do? For listening, there is a very effective approach I have implemented and approved to rise 80% in listening score in formal English test in 2 months. That is, (1) listen to several sentences and replay until I cannot understand any more, normally it is 5 times. (2) write down what I listened word by word. (3) compare what I wrote to script and correct the errors. The errors come from vocabularies I don’t know, or am not familiar with or my pronunciation is not correct, or grammar error. (5) listen to the sentences again and check if I can fully understand them or not, (6) imitate the speaker until the speed and pronunciation are exactly the same as the speaker; if I still cannot catch up the speaker, it means something I didn’t perform exactly the same as the speaker, normally is the wrong stress or short/long sound. With the practice, it corrects my pronunciation and enhances my listening a lot.

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