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challenging the myth - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

the third ear 14-15 challenging the myth

To be honest, a majority people think children are easy to learn a second language easily, since many children’s brains are prepared to absorb their mother tongue, which facilitates them to learn a second language. However, numerous adults struggle with learning a second language, meanly because of their learning skills, which are that adults tend to learn a second language through translation and analysis. Though translation and analysis, it seems that we can learn a second language at a fast pace, instead, these ways might have little help for us to really master the language, that is using a second language like the mother tongue. Secondly, as for adults, it’s hard to use complete time to learn another language, as we are always distracted by things around us.

In the traditional foreign language classroom, I always think it’s easy for me to understand foreign language structures, and I can do the exercise almost right even if there always are some tidy mistakes. However, the more I learn English, the more I feel confused. It’s really hard for me to interact with others in English. I turned my direction to output. In the meanwhile, I try to loose my brain, therefore, I started to learn something I am really interested, such as English books that focus on how to learn and live better, and some amusing podcasts. As it was said”If you can’t say what you want to say, learn to say what you can say.”

As for the most boring class class, in my own perspective, the most boring class is not the most tedious content, instead, the most boring class for me is that yesterday, before the class, I arrived in the classroom and the teacher was also in the classroom, due to shyness, and I had no audacity to surf the Internet and I had nothing to do. It was the most boring class for me.

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