the third ear pages 11-12my third written piece

            Five years ago ,I was a doctor working at a big hospital in Hangzhou .After one year of working ,I quited .I wanted to learn English .The only reason is that I love English ,I wish that there will be a day that I ould speak English as fluently as a native speaker .I quited my job ,6 months later, I pregnanted ,then I became a stay-at-home mother.I worked solid learning English  for more than 4 years .I’ve never been so confident of myself until I met KungFu English on August 13th,2020.I knew I can learn English easily and effectively with the greatest ease and the most fan.Honestly speaking ,I have made a big progress since I started learn KungFu English .My dream will come true ,I just know it most definitely .

      “Ghost conflict ”  is a kind of something that you are certain of ,but it turns out that you are wrong .Something can also be described in a totally different way.Both of describtions are right ,sometimes you have to see things in a whole new way .

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