The youngest sister’s holiday

Today is Sunday , the mother takes her daughter to see a movie at the city center .  The daughter is four years old , she is the youngest sister in the siblings .  

The movie theater is across the street from the hospital ,but the bus stop is in front of the park , the movie theater is behind the park , They must go through the park and the daughter likes the park .

The daughter walks forward to the pond and looks at the butterflies flying . She wants to caress a pretty butterfly that is on a flower , she walks softly and stop breathing and reach for the pretty butterfly , but the butterfly runs away from her, so she is angry . She blows all of the butterflies off the flowers , than starts to cough loudly . The mother gives her a battle of water and she drinks the water and stops cough , but she feels very bad , she cries into her hands and breathes fast , the mother embraces her daughter at once and talks softly to her that the butterfly is so pretty , if we catch them , they will be die . The daughter breathes slowly and stops crying .

They cross the park and get to the movie theater , the mother buys tow tickets at the movie theater . Before  they get into the theater, the mother ask the other people where is the toilet and takes her daughter to the ladies restroom .

When they come out the ladies restroom . they wash hands in the wash basin , and the mother tells the daughter after they enter the theater , all of people can not talk loudly , can not scream or laugh loudly  , the people shut their mouth and do not make noise , if we can not do this , we must go home now ! The daughter talk softly to her mother that she can do that .

They enter the theater and sit down on the seat , the staff shuts the door and turns off the light switch .

The film is a story about tow cute squirrels help a kitten find its mother . The daughter very enjoy it , but she does not talk loudly or laugh loudly , when the film ends , the mother embrace and caress her, she is a good girl .

They should across the park again and go to the bus stop , the daughter pick up a short stick and swing the stick , but when she close to a big tree , she hits the tree softly with the stick . The mother ask her why did she do that , she tells her mother that she wish there is a cute squirrel lives in the tree .

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