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this is a joke!

Last weekend, my wife and I walked.

I: Can you introduce your new colleague to me?

My wife: Yes, of course.

I: What does she look like?

My wife: She is tall, long hair, with big eyes and oval face.

I: Is she outgoing?

My wife: Yes, she is talkative and loud voice.

I: I am not really surprised, I met her yesterday.

My wife: What did you talk with her?

I: nothing.

My wife: Let us buy some apples and banana at the fruit shop on the corner.

I: Ok, there are green and red apples over there.

My wife: I want both

I: Please take the big one, small one is not good

My wife: I don’t like big apples. I prefer small ones.

I: Let us look for small ones then.

My wife: ok, and buy some banana.

I: of course.

My wife: tonight, I want to see a film, I prefer love film.

I: I don’t like love film, I prefer cartoon or detective film.

My wife: Not me, I like love film.

I: Ok, Do you prefer together go to the cinema.

My wife: Yes, I think so.

I: Lets go to the cinema across the street.

My wife: Do you want some coffee.

I: Yes, please

My wife: Do you want strong or weak?

I: I prefer strong coffee.

My wife: ok, I cannot find my wallet.

I: you buy apples and banana with the credit card just now.

My wife: but I don’t find my wallet and the keys.

I: let us go back and look for.

This is a joke.


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