Today’s sentences


  • Cover your eyes with your hands.
  • Cover the cup with a lid.


  • He sliced the apple into a sliced.
  • The sliced watermelon looks yummy, I can’t wait to eat.


  • In China’s countryside, some old women use a piece of cloth wrap money, Instead of use a purse.
  • In my childhood, my classmates like to use paper wrap our new books.


  • Hurry home.
  • Hurry to the playground, the football match will begin.
  • Hurry to the airport or you will miss the plane.


  • The fireman uses a helicopter to control the fire spread.
  • He spread the butter on the chicken and put it into the oven.

Tell the boy who is walking across the park to hurry up.

Tell the husband about the cat eating the roast chicken.