Today’s vocabulary


  • If you can’t be a pencil to write someone’s happiness, then try to be the eraser to remove the sadness.


Situation dialogue.

  • A: I think the dumplings are yummy.
  • B: I agree with you. Do you want some more?
  • A: Yes, please. And some soy sauce.
  • B: OK. Let’s order another plate.
  • A: Good idea. And remember the soy sauce.
  • B: Okay, no problem.



  • His action is discrete.


  • Linux has only one root source.
  • This source of information is awesome.

Visual signal.

  • The old station has fewer visual signals, so I am confused.

An expectant look.

  • The little girl look at her father with an expectant look.

Fix on.

  • She fix on me, It makes me scared.



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