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Tom’s family

Tom’s family

Tom is a boy,he comes from the us,but he lives in China with his family,he has a big family.there are six people in his family,his parents,his sisters and his brother.his brother is older than Tom.tom is 12 years old,his brother “jerry” is 16 years old.his sisters are both 5years old.his parents are both 38 years old.They live in a very big house,but it doesn’t owns by them.They rent it every month,They pay rent every month to another person,There is a very large pond beside his house,Fish and frogs live in the pond.behind their house has many trees,so they always hear some birds singing in the morning.In front of their house is a street,but always less cars on the road,It is quite,Tom always feel very happy,because their environment is very good!

His brother,his sisters and he usually go to school 5days a week,His parents works on these days,too.so he and his family have breakfast together in the morning and evening,his mother likes cooking,but sometimes when his mother doesn’t want to cook ,they go outside to eat.

In the evening,his mother always return home early,because she has to cooking with her family.After work,his father drive his car to his sisters school,and take them go home.Tom and his brother usually get on bus go home,They never ride bike.

Tom’s family has many expenses,fortunately,His parents both have jobs,so they have two salaries.The largest expenses is for their rent,It is about 40 percent of their incomes.Their second expenses is for education.Their third expenses is about 20 percent for their clothes and many other things.They also save some money to the bank.

On weekends,They are both free.

On Saturdays,Children do homework,and His parents study online for their Chinese,Their Chinese isn’t gook,fortunately,Their children’s Chinese very good,That is interesting,and They work English company in China.

On sundays,They usually go to outside play some things,like watching a movie,listening a concert,for a great Chinese food and many other interesting things.They always think Chinese is fun.but sometimes,If it is cloudy,windy,rainy.They don’t go outside,They at home,His sisters usually play their games.Jerry and Tom play computer games with his father,her father is a good player,his mother likes to read some books.his mother is a good Learner.sometimes,They watch Tv together.

Why do they come to China and live there?first,His parents go there for work.second,They think Chinese people is friendly and nice.and Chinese 物价 is lower than the us.They like living in China.They live in Beijing.maybe They live there 5 years or longer.

This is Tom’family story.Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow I will be write another story.because it is good for my English learning!

Have wrote this diary spend 50minutes.from 20:40until 21:30.I wrote it by myself.why Can I wrote it.It is a Secret.If you read or listen to some good English stories,you can,too.

I feel tired now,however I feel fulfilled!I want to go to bed!

Have a good night!my friend!

Bye bye!

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  1. Alice Alice说道:

    It is delightful to read your article.:)
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. 龙飞虎 Chris说道:

    Thank you for sharing your story about Tom’s family. Very interesting.

    Why to Tom and his brother never ride their bikes?