What I learned today

Talk to farmer in the farm .Talk  to doctor and nurse in the hospital . Talk to teacher and students in the school . Talk to cleaner  on the street . Talk to the bus driver at the bus stop . Talk to the train driver at the train station . Talk to many animals such as tiger ,lion , elephant , giraffe , kangaroo , racoon , panda , bear ,  crocodile ,etc . 

Speak to the engineer , Speak to the mechanic , Speak to the hair dresser , Speak to the air hostess  . Speak to your boss , Speak to your manager , Speak to your collegue , Speak to the boy , Speak to the girl . 

Sing to the dog , Sing to the cat , Sing to the duck , Sing to the chicken ,Sing to the cattle , Sing the dolphin ,Sing to the grandma .

Dance for your grandpa ,Dance for the audience , Dance for the classmates , Dance for my friends , Dance for the dog , Dance for the cat .

Wave your hands to your father , Wave your hands to your mother . Wave your hands to your friends . Wave your hands to your uncle . Wave your hands to your brother . Wave your hands to your sister . 

Wave your hands bye bye . 

Wave to your grandpa , Wave to your grandma  . Wave to your uncle . Wave to your aunty . Wave to your brother . Wave to your friends . Wave to your teacher . Wave to your doctor . 

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