What I learned today

salt,  tomato sauce bottle, saucer , jam , soybean sauce ,chili peper ,pill 

Sprinckle salt on the chicken ,Sprinckle  chili peper powder  on the chicken ,

Turn on the oven ,Put the chicken into the overn ,

Set the timer to 30 minutes , Roast  the chicken for 60 minutes , Take the roast chicken out of the oven , Smell the roast chicken , Taste the roast chicken , 

Open the bottle of pills ,take two pills out of the bottle , put  three pills on your tongue ,Put five pills under your tongue , swallow two pills 

Smell chili peper powder  ,Taste the chili peper powder ,Sneeze out the chili peper powder 

Although  I like singing ,I can’t sing well .

Although he’s rich ,he isn’t happy .

Although I like dancing ,I can’t dace well .

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