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Witch one is better?

It’s long time ago since I  last wrote.

A lot of things happened recently . I can’t go out because of an infectious disease.

So I  went to the supermarket to buy daily necessities.

I want to buy some apple .but the supermarket has many kind of apples.

I don’t know witch one is better. So I ask  the salesman :”Witch one is better?the big one or small one ?the red one or green one?”

The salesman told me:”Different apples taste different.The big red apple is sweeter than the small red apple. The small red apple is also sweet, but a little sour.”

I :”How about the green apple?witch one is better? the big one or small one?”

The salesman:”The green apples are sour, but the big one is soft and the small one is hard.”  “Witch one do you want??”

I :”I want a kilo of the big red one and o.5kg the big green one.”

The salesman:”Here you are.Welcome back next time!”

I :”ok, thank you “

I bought apples, So I walk to  “The fresh area ” I want to buy some meats,but I  don’t know witch meats are better? The chicken  or beef? Maybe I can buy some mutton??

OH, I  have a idea .”How much is a kilo of pork??”

The salesman:“60 RMB a kilo.”

I :“My god !It’ s too crazy !How about the chicken and the mutton??”

The salesman:“The chicken is 18 RMB .The mutton is 75 RMB”

I :”I  think carefully .The pork  is not as good as chicken.The mutton is good for health. I  prefer the chicken.”  “I  want 2 chickens and 3 kilos of the mutton.”

I bought some more vegetables. Prepared enough food to face the infection.

I wish the infection was over so I could go out.

So much for today, see you next time!


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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    I like the way you have written this.

    One thing — “witch” is 女巫。 “which” is 哪个?

    Great writing. See you next time!.

    • 任建行 任建行 says:

      Thank you very much for your guidance!
      “which” is right.
      Because of spelling mistakes, “which” is written as “witch” in the whole passage.
      These two words are so similar. I have to study harder.

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