Writing about L2B ~ “ Cindy’s morning time “

It’s six o’clock, Cindy got up and stretched. She walked into the bathroom and prepared for a warm shower. After twenty minutes, she walked out of the bathroom and sat in front of the dressing table. She turned on the hairdryer and blowed her hair with the hairdryer. She brushed her hair with the hairbrush and then put on a blue dress. She went down the stairs to the kitchen and turned on the gas, put the frying pan on the stove. She poured a bit sesame oil into the frying pan and broke the egg into it. She was frying the egg. About two minutes later, she took the fried egg out of the frying pan with the spatula and picked up two pieces of toasts, placed the fried egg in it, and then prepared a glass of hot milk. She started to enjoy her delicious breakfast.

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  1. 吴永煜 吴永煜 says:

    Wow, Great Imagination.

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