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the felling is the right way to writer diary - 功夫英语 - 博客网站 writing the felling is the right way to writer diary - 功夫英语 - 博客网站

writing the felling is the right way to writer diary

those day I was ill , now I fell better than before .toady I talk a long Jenny to home ,it’s spend me 6 hours .  on the train I work work with my partner  use WeChat  , we talk about API of DC2  and how to writer  the structure of DC2 .

today I MR Chris told me a knowledge , it help me not be troubled with some sentence . the first time ,I told couch OA ,I can’t repeat the dialog perfect , and I don’t know the different of two sentence  .it’s not important ,when you want to say anything , just say .you can say one of the sentences that  you have known .and watch others 反应。

say to yourself ,it’s very important way to leaning English . from now on ,I will say it more .

on train station ,i saw a lot of person . I said those sentence .

1.the little boy is so cute ,his mom wear a black bag , his mom hold he hand .

2.a woman bring a big paper box ,some red flowers on the box ,it looks beautiful .

3.a girl wear a white T-shirt ,a black trousers ,her trousers not very long ,I can see her short socks .

4.a man carry a big bags ,it full of many things ,may be he want to go to home .

5.the sun is too shining ,I hardly to see anything , my be wear a sun glass is perfect .

6.a very little boy asked his father  many times : “why we get down on that station ” ,his father always said  :”the city is our travel place,we will go to wash a hot spring “

7.i have a black travel box with 4 wheels , and a black back bags .today I wear a black shores , a black trousers and a black T-shirt , all things is black except  my  earphone,it’s white  .

now I am hungry , I want to eat beef ,vegetable ,and fruit  and a big cup  of tea . the tea smell yummy .  when I taught this , I remember a cartoon ,it’s name is “Ben and Holly little kingdom “,it’s very funny ,and the words is easy to known .

Holly is the Princess of the kingdom ,she is a fairy ,she has a good fried named Ben ,Ben is a little ELF  boy the same age with Holly .Holly has a pet ,the pet is for funny .

Holly can use a little magic ,but not always fine ,Ben can’t use any magic  .they always play with each other .  one day Holly use magic make a cup of drink , she says :”more more and more “,the drink growth up and up , until the house full of drink . now the King called a big fairy , the big fairy use magic let drink less and less . they have been saved .

it’s very funny . i will drink a cup of tea , not  want many cups ,I can’t use magic let the tea became less and less , LOL .  

diary is a memory , don’t want writer it perfect ,writer what you think ,follow the felling , isn’t it ? don’t waste time to thinking the great time of you life , writing the felling is the writer way .

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