Pain and happy day

Today I have finished fourteen tomatoes,includes three hundred and fifty minutes.Now,My throat is hurts,but I am happy,I feel 充实.(how do you say 充实in English?/means 收获很大)My English gets better faster than I thought!

It is no grammar.No right answer.I feel relax,I always dont have 压力.even I am playing a good game these day.I guess English words,I usually guess right.(mmm..Thats great)when I listen the right voices I feel excited!

If you play kungfu English much time,dont forget drink water.It can make you body work.

Tonight,I wont learn English,I like reading in the evening,although now I dont read books in English,I believe I can read English books a little months later.Now I am a 4 years old English baby!

I have learned a conversation (can I give you a lift?)and (where is the toilet)If I go to outside or abroad.I can speak these to my friend,if I want to make water,known (where is the toilet?is very important!)you too!

From now,I will write many diary,If you want to learn English fast and happy,you should write,too.

It is seven after five pm,I am tired and hungry.I am going to have my supper,I have soup with vegetables,bye-bye!

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  1. Alice Alice says:

    Regular and fulfilling life.

  2. Alice Alice says:

    Why is the title “pain”?
    Does it mean” no pain, no gain “?

  3. 龙飞虎 Chris says:

    You ask: how do you say 充实in English?

    We would say, “I feel fulfilled”.

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