20200522 – L2B Writing Piece #42-49

Just the other day, my friend and I watched an airplane flying low through the sky. We were so curious about how things would look like at this high that we decided to go to the highest place in our city – the Snake Mountain.
We got in my dad’s car, started the engine and drove. It took us almost two hours driving on the highway, with no other cars or people. It couldn’t be more boring, therefore my friend just lied down on the back seat of the car and took a little nap. I put down the car window, let the wind blowing through my hair so that I wouldn’t fall asleep while driving.
Finally, we arrived. And it cost us another two hours climbing. After we successfully got to the mountain peak at 4p.m., it was full of people. However, the view there was terrific. The whole city was down below. And we even climbed the tallest tree at the peak to get a better view. In order to do that, we took the ladder we found at the trunk, put it beside the tree and climbed. We also found some balloons in the trunk. So why not playing with them? We blowed up those balloons and hold them, pop them, squeezed them while taking photos. In the end, we blow them away.
When we were tired, we just sat behind the people there and watched and listened. We watched the men running, applauded the children dancing and listened the women singing. What a wonderful journey!

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  1. 龙飞虎 Chris says:


    This is a really nice piece of writing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you so much! You inspire me. I read your book before, and now I’ve been learning Kungfu English for 2 months and it helps me a lot!

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