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Dear Professor Chris Lonsdale, When I heard your sounds feel like you are so patient.  
My name is D.N, You can call me Dean. I am from Xiamen and Right now in Malaysia Johor Bahru, I am goona be Grade 11 soon.I am different than the other people because I have Autism and the other disorder. I got a lot of discrimination also bully.Such as,they said Are you want to die, they put my book in to rubbish and I got punishment because I can not find it . I speak and walk when I was 3,I use 3Years to learn how to ride a bicycle also got a lot of laughing when I did that. My sister are professor, My nephew are genious because he has high top score in school. everyone include neighborhood all smart than me .And me oppsite Idiot ,rubbish because I got a lot of score with 0 at all subject.has a song called 0 is a big round hole and I in the hole. A lot of time Iam feel Iam like rubbish on the beach no one care I can not find my talent . anything is horrible ,I think I don’t have talent.
My goal:I want to join WISE Education in Doha after Iam finish university, my goal is go to Finland university to learn primary Education ,because I want to teach Grade 3-Grade5. Right now Iam prepare with IELTS ,That is crazy hard ,Iam only got less 3now, but my goal is 7.5 above , Althrough I have Autism, different but not less , I want to changes impossible to possible ,but I needs someone support me about IELTS and so on.
Because Iam feel lose myself now .What should I do ? please understand and help me.
Thank you so so so much Professor.

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