20200523 – L2B Writing Piece – Clean up the kitchen

Today I’m going to clean up my kitchen.
First, I need to clean the kitchen table. I spill some water on the table, then I tear off a paper towel from the roll of paper towels and wipe the water off table with the paper towel.
Next I organize the chairs in the kitchen. I put the small chair under the dinning room table and one big chair to the left of the table, the other big chair to the right.
Then I get the napkins from the bench top and put them on the table one by one. I get one teapot, three cups and three saucers from the cabinet, put them on the table too. When I see a glass on the table, I get the glass and put it in the cabinet.
Finally, I take a bottle of beer from the fridge, wipe the water off the bottle with a napkin, sit on the chair and drink.

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